Company Profile

GEOLAB Ltd. is a company with entirely private capital services, staffed with geotechnical engineers, geophysicists, geologists and technicians. We specialize in materials technology, experimental control of construction products, evaluation of the quality of industrial processes, structural controls and research.

In 1984, Geolab was among the first laboratories in Sicily to be authorized by the Ministry of Public Works for testing of construction materials. This was basis article 20 of the 1086 law. Soon after, we received recognition from the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology to operate as a qualified laboratory in applied research. In 2005, Geolab was also authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure as a certified laboratory for the testing of soils and rocks.

Geolab is a notified body under the European Regulation 305/2011 for CPR certification activities, as well as inspection and control for the CE marking of products and building materials. Furthermore, the Ministry of Infrastructure has enabled us to control industrial concrete production.

We offer qualified technical services for the strengthening and renewal of human resources and technology, while complying with the European standards of specialization, precision and reliability.

Our laboratory operates in accordance to the Quality System of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008

(Cert. No. 7033/02 / S-QUACER RINA). - Quality Policy and Mission.


Some of our activities include:

• Checking the quality of materials and products and their conformity to usage in the construction and transport sectors

• Controlling geotechnical and geophysical aspects

• Assisting construction management bodies in monitoring and evaluating work processes

• Checking the stability of structures, while providing specialized experimental support for consolidation projects

• Aiding small and medium industries in testing research prototypes of new products

• Promoting scientific comparison of experimental results and research within the industry

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