Soil and Rock – 349/stc-99

Geotechnical laboratory for statutory testing of soils and rocks in compliance with the circular 349 / stc-99

Geolab carries out physical and mechanical tests on land to check for recognition and classification, oedometric compression, direct shear apparatus of Casagrande, simple compression and triaxial UU-CU-CD, CBR test, permeability, relative density of the sands, compaction according to the AASHTO mode and bulge. 

Physical and mechanical tests on rocks are conducted to determine the physical characteristics, mechanical strength, direct shear, uniaxial and triaxial compression, bending, indirect tensile strength, wear resistance, wear due to sliding friction, abrasion resistance, ultrasonic velocity of elastic waves, roughness of joints, sclerometrica and permeability. 

We also conduct geotechnical monitoring to gauge pressure cells, deformometer vibrating strings, strain gauge, inclinometer and piezometer measures.

All tests are performed according to the test procedures outlined in UNI-ASTM-DIN-BS.

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