Audits and Inspections of Facilities

Non-destructive tests for determining the mechanical characteristics of materials: coring and micro-coring, ultrasonic measurements, pull-out, Windsor probe, colorimetric tests, chemical analysis. Localization of reinforcing rods by means of electromagnetic surveys (georadar, covermeter).

Nondestructive Detection for control of compliance of the structures in the foundation as piles and bulkheads: Cross hole, Pile Integrity Testing System.

Static testing of piles, bulkheads and ceilings by means of load tests provided with electronic strain gauges, data acquisition and hydraulic jacks. The tests can be performed automatically and directly with online monitoring and real-time graphical depiction of the load parameters and strain.

Indexes strain by means of measurement unit of ƒΚƒΓ to 12 channels available for different types of strain gages.

Jacks dishes for the determination of the stress state current of masonry works and mechanical characteristics.

Seismic tomography of wall hangings, endoscopic explorations with photographic restitution, thermography, ground penetrating radar.

Study and analysis of the kinetics of degradation of materials / structures.

Monitors with continuous control and registration of cracking and static conditions phenomena of structural elements and architectural artifacts. environmental surveys. Experimental Analysis on the dynamics of the chemical-physical degradation phenomena and their evolution in time.

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