Applied Research

Geolab is included in the Ministry of Education’s Register, recognized as a research laboratory supporting innovation in medium and small enterprises. Over the years, we have supported the following research projects:

• Agreement with the Department Of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry at the University of Palermo for the development of instrumental techniques for the study of the degradation of materials;

• Research project MDS-MAT for characterizing the degree of vulnerability of building materials in the various rooms of the Sicilian territory and urban settings;

• POR Sicily 2000-2006 GEOMON Project: Monitoring of engineering works and geotechnical tests by wireless sensor networks;

• Agreement with the Department of Project and Building Construction at the University of Palermo, for research concerning the filing of building materials;

• Agreement with the Department of Chemistry and Physics of the Earth at the University of Palermo, for research concerning geophysical applications for the study of the vulnerability of materials;

• PhD entirely funded by Geolab on "Geophysics for the environment and the territory" at the University of Messina (2000-2003);

• Research project: "TVA - advanced sailing technology, constructive and innovative ways" in an association between Italy and Geolab);

• Experimentation of non-destructive testing techniques for the assessment of the state of conservation in the work of wooden elements (Prof. A. Cerami and S. Lo Presti, University of Palermo).

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