Laboratory Tests on Materials, as per Article 59 Presidential Decree n ° 380/2001

Acceptance controls and compliance in building materials

We conduct a range of acceptance checks and controls, including tests of volume unit weight, coefficient of linear expansion, Abrams test, resistance to compression and bending, breaking for indirect tensile strength (Brazilian test), breaking for direct tensile strength, elastic modulus, diagram warping, shrinkage and permeability. The detection of the mechanical characteristics is carried out by servo-controlled presses of test, load gradient speed control, and online certification of numerical and graphical data.

We also conduct conformity checks on metallic materials, including testing for tensile strength with determination of the area of the section, the loads of yield and breaking. We work on the percentage elongation of clips to make them round and smooth, with improved adhesion rods, electro-welded meshes and girders.

Some other tests we conduct include bending at 90 ° with straightening, checking for resistance to detachment for electro-welded meshes and girders, modulus of elasticity, deformation diagram, number of bends at break, Charpy resilience, adhesion tests on bars (beam-test), fatigue tests for traction-compression and relaxation test.

The tests are performed by means of two presses, a hydraulic PM60 Galdabini (class 1), and an electromechanical CTM60 Galdabini (class 0.5). They are equipped with electronic strain gauges for the automatic detection of micrometric deformations and the determination of elastic modulus, yield point and the proportional percentage elongation at break. All controls are carried out according to the procedures referred to by the technical regulations issued under the 1086 law.

We also control for conformity of cements, conducting non-deformability tests, test sockets, determination of the fineness of grinding and the resistance of plastic mortar. The tests are performed in accordance with the standards of EN 196-197. We are authorized to issue EC certificate of conformity for common cements under European Regulation 305/2011 CPR and UNI EN 197/1 - 197-2, Ministry of Industry.

Geolab also performs acceptance checks of brick products. We test for resistance to compression in the direction of the holes and in the transverse direction to the holes, tensile bending, modulus of elasticity, drilling and average percentage area of the section of a hole, coefficient of linear expansion, trial punching and for expansion for moisture. Apart from this, we carry out acceptance checks of masonry and wood products as well.

Laboratory Tests for Materials Not Covered by a Government Grant

Laboratory tests on asphalt road

We conduct the following laboratory tests:

• Qualification and compliance testing of industrial products in fibreglass and composite materials

• Conformity checks of geosynthetics and fibres

• Mix design of asphalt mixtures according to the ANAS control procedures, CNR-UNI

• Searching for recorded materials and earthworks

• Road classification, compaction tests AASHO, CBR

• Controls in situ to detect density and carrying capacity of a plate

• Quality control in the laboratory and on the road by means of a mobile unit during paving and after rolling (Marshall, Skid Tester, Coring).

In 2006, Geolab obtained the ANAS road laboratory qualification, by virtue of which it can participate in national races in the control of road and motorway infrastructure.

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