CE Marking of Aggregates

With the CPR European Regulation 305/2011 concerning the harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction PRODUCTS, we are introduced important innovations in the field of CE marking of construction products.

With regard to the marking of the aggregates, CEN has drawn up a set of rules (mandate M / 125) as a function of the intended use:

  • EN 12620 Aggregates for concrete
  • EN 13043 Aggregates for asphalt
  • EN 13055-1 Lightweight aggregates for concrete and mortar
  • EN 13055 Lightweight aggregates for bituminous mixtures
  • EN 13139 Aggregates for the production of mortars
  • EN 13242 Aggregates for with hydraulic binder materials for use in civil engineering works and construction of roads
  • EN 13383 Aggregates and blocks for water projects
  • EN 13450 railway ballast.

Those rules (so-called CPR) repealing Directive 89/106 / EEC (the so-called CPD) and, once published in the EU Official Journal, immediately became mandatory from April 24, 2011 in all EU member states. From 01.06.2004 it has become mandatory CE marking of aggregates, so that they may be marketed in the Community field.

The Geolab performs the preliminary characterization tests (ITT) on aggregates (geometric tests, physical and chemical).

The Geolab is between the notified bodies in Europe: Notified body number: 1037 fuction Body FPC Certification Body, Inspection Body.

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