Control of Cracking Phenomena

Control of cracking phenomena is a complex and delicate study, vital to the stability of structures and buildings. For this you need to rely on experts who can intervene with appropriate techniques and equipment. Geolab offers specific services for the detection of visible cracks and not of masonry.

Essential controls for structural safety

Cracking phenomena needs to be controlled to ensure safety and reliability of a structure. To monitor masonry structures, it is useful to understand phenomena such as deformation, stress and distortion, for which Geolab’s experts employ several effective methods and techniques. Fixed sensors are installed in the wall to detect changes in temperature, inclination and length and send them to a control unit, ready to be processed subsequently. Instruments are installed on the structure and our technicians perform the reading with default cadence by means of electrical instrumentation. These different methods are effective to locate with precision slits and cracks that can be dangerous. We then intervene promptly and efficiently to control such cracking phenomena.

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