Building Materials: Compliance testing

Materiali edili

Geolab has specialized laboratories in the execution of conformitytests for building materials(concrete, steel, hydraulic binders to bricks) as required by current regulations.

At the research laboratories of Carini, in the province of Palermo, the staff of Geolab is able to perform the following tests:

  • mix design and acceptance check for cement conglomerates;
  • controls for cement and concrete;
  • tests for Construction and metallic materials;
  • verification of acceptance for brick products.

In addition to these basic tests for the certification of compliance of building materials, Geolab can also perform in-depth analysis for masonry and wood products as well as road tests on bituminous materials. Geolab technicians are at your disposal for personalized consulting services. Geolab, actually leading in research, successfully operates in Sicily and throughout Italy.

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